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AM2 Protocol Master Class

How to create an Automated Marketing Mechanism to bring in new freelance clients on auto-pilot.

13 Lessons

  1. Welcome to the AM2 Protocol Master Class. Here’s what we’re going to build.

    03:52 MINS
  2. Why content marketing is so important for freelancers.

    02:41 MINS
  3. Everybody says “just provide value” — here’s how to actually do it.

    12:24 MINS
  4. With thousand of other content creators producing the same content as you, how do you guarantee all your content is unique? I’ll show you how.

    09:58 MINS
  5. Overview of the ideal funnel for freelancers.

    03:12 MINS
  6. The 10 burning questions your sales page must answer to get clients to hire you.

    36:16 MINS
  7. How to create a lead magnet that attracts the prospects most likely to hire you.

    08:53 MINS
  8. The more people that download your lead magnet, the more that will ultimately hire you. Here’s how to maximize those downloads.

    23:43 MINS
  9. The 5-step process I use to create content that sells.

    20:21 MINS
  10. How to syndicate your content (automatically) to reach as many potential clients as possible.

    05:40 MINS
  11. The key social media sites to post your content on.

    07:53 MINS
  12. How to find the best content ideas based on real-world data.

    07:55 MINS
  13. is my secret weapon. Here’s how to use it to get your content more exposure.

    05:40 MINS

About the Author

John Morris

John Morris is an 18-year veteran of freelancing and a former 11-year military instructor. He combines those two skill sets to bring you the latest in modern freelancing education to help you start and grow a thriving freelance business.